Salvatorian Teens and Children's Team

A Voice for the Vulnerable

Who is TACT?

The Teen's and Children's Team (TACT) is a Salvatorian social justice group focused on the plight of vulnerable children and teens. The group's team members include Salvatorian priests, sisters, brothers and laity who are dedicated to be a voice for this vulnerable population.

TACT carries out their mission by spreading news and information about important legislation and programs that have an impact on children and teens. The group also dedicates crucial time petitioning state and federal leaders when they are alerted to particular bills coming up for a vote.

Salvatorian Charism & Core Values

We Salvatorians are called to follow Jesus Christ, the Divine Savior, to be a prophetic voice for the renewal of the Church and world, manifesting to the world the goodness and kindness of God to all people, by conveying the values of the Gospel, and being a voice for the vulnerable, especially teens and children.

Our History


Our history begins with the Salvatorian Charter in 2007. We would commit to corporate ministry that identifies us as Salvatorians of justice and peace. During the years following, gatherings were scheduled locally, regionally and nationally to define and refine our mission.


In 2011, the Salvatorian Joint Justice and Peace committee developed national goals. They prioritized three focus issues, Anti-human Trafficking, Immigration, and the Plight of Children and Teens - the directive being to encourage broad-based involvement in change. These small focus groups would implement projects, initiative, or actions among the Salvatorians USA and would invite broad participation.


The focus group Teen and Children's Team (TACT) put out the call to serve. Using the conference calling network, we joined Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Salvatorians for our first meeting in May 2012. In the following months the Team would decide on where, and how, to direct its energy to shine a spotlight on one our most vulnerable populations – our youth.


The group has continued to evolve. It now has members from all branches, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Lay. Monthly phone conferences are scheduled. TACT now has its own website. They continue to keep its members informed through a list-serve and the website.